Travel and Vacation Ideas

One of the things which a friend of mine who met with his girlfriend (now his wife) online told me was that after it had been clear they had been a fantastic match, they decided to organize a holiday together. For their first holiday, they went to Jamaica and stayed at an all-inclusive hotel (Couples Negril).

They had a blast, but the one thing which they both agreed on was that had they wish they’d known there was a more family-friendly resort that was nearby which was kid friendly. They definitely preferred the location they picked, but the fact that there WAS an awesome, family-friendly hotel nearby (Montego Bay) was also good for them to know, since they all have little kids from prior relationships.

So, with that in mind, we figured we would showcase some “couples only” forms of hotels and holidays in this article: Perfect All Inclusive Resorts for Couples!

Additionally, because many of our readers are inclined to be in precisely the same situation as my buddies, and have children from different relationships, at any point you’re very likely to want to have the kids join you on outings and school breaks, etc. Below are some suggestions for you in the following guide, and since at least among you’re likely to be black, let us explore some getaways with a cultural theme: Family Holiday tips for Black Couples (coming soon!).